For a more Conscious, True and Happy Life.



My name is Anaïs Puig and I grew up on this beautiful island of Ibiza. I’ve always been fascinated by nature and very curious about understanding people’s inner-world (including thoughts, sensations, emotions and actions). 

I started my journey into self-development 18 years ago. First getting my degree in Psychology and then training on ” Relaxation and Healthy lifestyle” and “Physical Activity and Healthy lifestyle” postgraduate courses at “Autonoma de Barcelona” University. After finishing my practices, I trained as an Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and as a Gestalt Therapist, which expanded my view and understanding of human psychology.

Having a very observative and curious mind, I have experienced and searched many therapies and practices in my own self-journey, such as Systemic Constellations, Conscious Breathing, Life-Coaching Strategies, Conscious Movement and Voice. I’m also a Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness practitioner. 

With all this knowledge and many practices in my background, I love to combine different methodologies and philosophies in my work as a therapist (which I have been deepening over the last 10 years) as well as in the workshops and experiences I offer to groups or retreats.

I am very passionate about helping people deepen their connection to self, their true nature, and guiding them toward establishing a clearer awareness of their body sensations, emotions, needs, and patterns in order to discover healthier ways to express, act and communicate with themselves and others.

My approach to therapy is supportive and compassionate. I like to create a welcoming space in which people can feel safe, be herd and feel worthy, no matter what are they experiencing or going through in their life.

I take everyone’s inner world very seriously and I love to facilitate and support personal growth and self-development, in order to achieve a more happy and fulfilling life.