What a simple question it seems but so difficult to answer sometimes..

We make cercles, answering all sort of superficial things that are not really the key of the question.

My answer…

“I want to be happy”

and happy means to me to be calm, relax, enjoying life and what I do.

In this moment of my life, I’m really rediscovering my passion for the therapies, the pleasure being the witness and holding the space for others transformational process.

So beautiful to see awareness, understanding, clarity, transformation, self-esteem… taking place..

Creating this life, I have my “ups” and “downs” of course. There are moments in which I feel everything flows and comes so easy and moments where fears and it’s best friends negative thoughts, come to visit me..

I have read many things, I have done many courses, webinars, etc.. and they all say the same. “The technique” of how to create the life I want is clear to me, it’s just the perseverance, the patience, the action, the trust and faith that needs to take place every day… every day…

At the end I realize even when I doubt of how is going to happen… if I’m good or ready enough… I think of what I want, which is to be happy!! So here I am, not knowing it all, not having it all solved, improving myself everyday…  and being happy with it!!

What do you need