These sessions are an amazing OPPORTUNITY for you to dedicate some time to yourself. Some time to really focus in what is happening to you, what you need and what you want.

There are moments in our lifes where we need some more CLARITY, and maybe some SUPPORT to get it. It can be because something feels stuck, because we don’t know what’s or we just fell tired of struggling with the same patterns over and over. We might be going through A CHANGE IN OUR LIFE, we need to make a DECISION or we might be having a rough time and the tools we have, aren’t enough in this moment.

They aim is to help you learn how to be more in contact and aware of yourself allowing every inner part to be, to express, to say what’s needed. We allow everything that is inside to be felt, acknowledged, experienced, with LOVE and COMPASSION. It is only when we are true to what’s happening that we can really go through it and transform it.

The main techniques that I use on these sessions are Gestalt Therapy and NLP, both quite “practical and embodied based” therapies instead of the traditional “talking and advicing” psychotherapy.

You will learn to be aware of your body sensations, feelings, thoughts, judgements, beliefs, protection and empowering mechanisms, as well as needs and its fulfillment, vulnerabilty and strengh. You will discover how to take care of your self, embracing all your aspects, and who you really are. Knowing, transforming and accepting your shadow, as well as being able to hold and shine your own light.

If you are at this point, really willing to take the RESPONSABILITY of your process and make a change, see things differently,  DISCOVERING both your SHADOW and your LIGHT, seeking for more INNER PEACE, ready to express yourself in a more AUTHENTIC WAY, together we can create a space for you in which to discover, experiment and learn ways of BEING YOU that will make you FEEL HAPPIER.

As a simil, on these sessions I consider myself as the “production” while you are the “director” and “main character” of your own film. You will be the one doing the process, experiencing and finding your own wisdom and answers.  

These sessions can be a puntual support for you when you need an EXTRA CARE AND GUIDANCE, as well as a fully profound process of AWARENESS AND TRANSFORMATION, depending where you are at, what you are needing and what do you want.