Just Being provides sessions and workshops for individuals or retreats, who are willing to experience or offer a more conscious, fulfilling and happier life.

Combining my knowledge and experience with Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, NLP as well as other techniques as Emotional Management, Conscious Breath and Mindfulness, I offer my clients a heart-centered, caring attention and presence.


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My Name is Anaïs Puig. I’m a Psychologist and certified Gestalt Therapist and NLP Practitioner.

My aim is to hold and create a safe, comfortable and honest space for my clients so they feel supported, cared for and free to express themselves freely. 

I like to support and guide people’s self-discovery, emotional release and life-transformation.

In my practice I combine my inner guidance and intuition with many techniques I have been integrating into my own personal and professional experience, in order to provide a unique and bespoke experience to each individual.



If you need some CLARITY and SUPPORT in your life, this personalized and embodied approach to psychotherapy can help you to gain more awareness, emotional management and inner peace.


Our personal support sessions, treatments and activities will deepen your personal experience on this island.
For individuals or couples.

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A therapeutical approach to Voice in which to explore your expression, both in a creative and meaningful way.
For those feeling any kind of blockage, love singing or wanting to express themselves a bit more freely.


In these sessions you will learn to relax and breath in a deeper way, improving both your body and personal awareness, to help you deal with anxiety and stressful situations in a more affective way.



Workshops on the island and for private retreats.


Walk and meditation for private retreats or groups.

What people say..

“As soon as you meet Anais you know you’re in safe hands.  She radiates warmth and kindness so you instantly feel at ease.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and calls on whichever tools are appropriate in the moment to assist you in connecting deep inside yourself. She then holds a completely safe and caring space for you to release whatever is ready to come out.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from my session but I left feeling so much lighter, cared for and peaceful inside. I can’t think of a more suitable person to be doing this kind of work; Anais is a very special soul.”
“Anais is an amazing profesional! With her wisdom, trust, compassion and knowlegde she can help you transform what ever is at hand. You do it yourself, she guides you to the truth. I feel happy and blessed I met her and brave enough to book a session.”

Check our next events...

Morning Retreat Ibiza


Give yourself a morning gift with this retreat format workshop in which to connect deeply with you, practicing silence, inner connection with your body and deepen your emotional awareness and management.

We will follow a retreat schedule:

– Starting with an early walking and sitting Meditation.
– Breathing awareness practice.
– Breakfast (Chia&Fruit included)*
– Diving deep into de Emotional Exploration.
– Closing and sharing Circle.

This retreat aims to be and experience in which to get a sense of how to Manage better your emotions, through Meditation and Breath as tools for it, as well as getting a richer exploration of your own emotions and what they can bring into your life.

Price: Donation based (whatever you feel you want to donate after experiencing it).

NOTE:Due to a limited availave spaces inscription is needed!

Let's connect and create the journey you need!!