You know, for some time, few years ago I stopped my practice as a therapist, not only for external circumstances in which I started to run the “Organic Shop” of my parents, but also I got in a moment of my life where I was feeling stuck, swamped, and also judging myself of not having my life all solved and perfect… so how was I going to help others…??


Now I know that is because that I’m not perfect, not perfect at all… (and I’m arriving to a certain point of confortability with that) that I can allow others to just be themselves. Is because I have hit the floor few times, completely lost and scared, confused, in lots of pain, completely stressed out, even burned out… It’s because I have cried my eyes out many times, screamed my old pains, my anger, tried lots of therapies and therapists, methologies.. It`s because I have had my heart broken, I have dealt with dead of love ones…. It’s because I have changed few times my life, my friends, my beliefs systems, amplifing it everyday with new possibilities… It’s because I have travelled and seen that even in different countries, cultures, ages… we all are the same… It’s because I have realized that after all that work, what actually had scared the most, was to embrace and share my light, my power, my full potential.


It’s because of all that, that I can and I’m willing, to hold the space for you now… with whatever you feel, that’s why I’m not afraid of your feelings, and you have all my permission to feel, to be, I’m not afraid of your shadow, nor your light and I’m willing to give you the time and space to wellcome whatever is in you… to clarify it, to see what you want for your life… to recognize what’s best for you!

This is why I’ve learned the hard way that something just need some acknowledgement, some release, some clarity, but specially to be hold with love and patience.

It’s because I’ve been very doubtfull, confuse and insecure in many moments, that I know how it feels. It’s because I’ve done my own process through it many times, that I finally gained more confidence and courage, to face my challenges. It’s because of all that, that I’d like more than anything to guide you to your own clarity and empowerment.

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