Relaxation, Peaceful, Breathing


These sessions are ideal for all of those who suffer from TENSION, ANXIETY or STRESS, body tension, irritation, big emotional reactions, or feelings of being overloaded or drained.

In these sessions you will be learning to keep a deeper sense of calm, serenity and concentration in life stressfull situations, both personal or professional.



– BODY AWARENESS: identifying tensions and learning to relax them.

– DEEPER BREATHING PRACTICE:  allowing you to better manage stressful situations, counterbalancing the stress response and increasing concentration, memory and vitality.

– ATTENTION TRAINING: meditation and mindfulness techniques that will help you focus your attention in a more usefull way.

– CHANGING STRESSFULL AND LIMITING BELIEFS: recognising the belief system that might be causing you to stress even more, and transform them into more beneficial ones that will facilitate a more trustful and calm sense of being.

Other content, knowledge and practices will be provided and several practical exercises introduced, in a tailored and bespoke approach to your needs

“The best investment is you…”