Here are some of the workshops and sessions I offer to those running retreats, as well as my own “Morning Retreats” proposals.

Morning Retreat Ibiza

Give yourself a morning gift with this retreat format workshop in which to connect deeply with your self practicing silence, inner connection with your body and deepen your emotional awareness and management.

I decided to call this practice a Retreat instead of a workshop as it aims to provide time for nurishment and deep experiencing, and learning.

We will follow a retreat schedule:

– Starting with an early walking and sitting meditation.
– Breathing awareness practice.
– Breakfast (Chia&Fruit included)*
– Diving deep into Emotional Exploration.
– Closing and sharing Circle.

This retreat aims give you the experience in which you can get a sense of how to better manage your emotions through tools such as Meditation and Breath, as well as getting a richer exploration of your own emotions and what they can bring into your life.

Price: Donation based (whatever you feel you want to donate after experiencing it).

Due to a limited availability, booking is essential.