“As soon as you meet Anais you know you’re in safe hands.  She radiates warmth and kindness so you instantly feel at ease.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and calls on whichever tools are appropriate in the moment to assist you in connecting deep inside yourself. She then holds a completely safe and caring space for you to release whatever is ready to come out.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from my session but I left feeling so much lighter, cared for and peaceful inside. I can’t think of a more suitable person to be doing this kind of work; Anais is a very special soul.”
“My session with Anais was eye-opening. I felt her presence so solid and compassionate it was easy for me to trust the process and go deeper into levels of my life where I was hiding from myself. Afterward I emerged with more clarity and a deep knowing what needs to be done. It was a relief to see what I was holding onto and to be able to let it go with her impressive support. She was able to catch even the most subtle nuances and pinned me right into the place where I needed to go. If you are ready to let go of your bullshit and connect more deeply with your essence, the embodied real version, Anais is definitely someone that can help you”.
“I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect in my session with Anais but my gut instinct felt I was in good hands that I could trust.   Anais is so clear, gentle but also there is a great strength that comes through. I found myself addressing what felt like a really ancient fear pattern. Through dialoguing with it, I started to discover what was behind it. For a while it felt like my ‘fear’ was avoiding being open about what was going on and this is where Anais’s patience, expertise and skill really revealed itself fully. She guided me in a way that I was able to dive into a deep realization and revelation about what was running under the feeling of fear.  It was quite astounding and profound all at once. I felt safe, cared for and deeply touched. I learnt a huge amount in this extended session about something that felt dark and difficult,  that I have been carrying for as long as I have lived. Since the session I have a different relationship with these feelings and that is a priceless gift. I feel so much lighter in my being. Thank you, thank you,  thank you.. Great work for which i am very grateful” 


“Anais is an amazing profesional! With her wisdom, trust, compassion and knowlegde she can help you transform what ever is at hand. You do it yourself, she guides you to the truth. I feel happy and blessed I met her and brave enough to book a session.”


“The Gestalt Therapy and Voice Session I have done with Anais has enabled me three things:
– I have been able to find the voice of my emotions, she guided me with voice exercises and much patience.– –
-There was fun as well as some challenges, Anais with a calm and logical method of teaching truly help me connect with my inner core and inspired me to continue on this road of knowing myself.
– The session has given me the confidence to share my voice with the people close in my life and my relationships have improved because of it, I am forever thankful to her.”