These sessions aim to be a space in which you can connect deeply with yourself and allow your voice to express freely.

Our voice is intimately related to our expression and presence. It is our first connection to life and breath when we are born and that connection stays through our lifes.

In a stressfull and dispowering environtment, we can feel many times that we don’t find our own place, our way of expressing how/what we would like, we have lost connection with our own truths, we might even feel we are not being heard enough (by ourselves or others).

These sessions are an opportunity for those who feel there is any kind of blockage in their expression, their emotions, their voice, or those who are just curious of exploring and playing a bit more, connecting their inner world with their expression.

Especially indicated for those who love signing but feel afraid to do so, and would like to explore themselves as the same time as their voice.

Together we will create a safe and confortable space in which to play and allow any aspect of ourselves that haven’t found enough expression or that need some, at this moment of your life.

Both in a fun and deep way we will go through a deeper connection with our bodies, breath, sounds, rythms, melodies, creating the songs and sounds that are needed and want to be sung.